Hotspot Shield VPN

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Hotspot Shield VPN Review

If you want to protect your privacy, Hotspot Shield VPN is an excellent option. It is a public VPN service run by AnchorFree, Inc. The VPN service creates an encrypted connection to Hotspot Shield servers, which protects your internet traffic from eavesdropping.

Hotspot Shield VPN
Hotspot Shield VPN


Hotspot Shield VPN is a good choice if you are looking for a VPN that doesn’t require you to spend hours configuring it. It will give you secure browsing and prevent online spies from monitoring your online activities. However, you should know that Hotspot Shield doesn’t have perfect customer support. You can get help from the company’s knowledge base, which is well written. Additionally, the website has an easy-to-navigate interface and in-site search.

You can check your connection speed in the settings menu. Another helpful feature is the kill switch, which protects your internet activity if your VPN connection is interrupted. It’s important that the VPN has this fail-safe, and Hotspot Shield offers one in its Windows client. Other platforms, however, aren’t equipped with such a feature.

Other features include ad and malware blockers, a bypass list, and WebRTC blockers. Depending on your preferences, you can also use Hotspot Shield to access geo-blocked websites. The website also provides extensions for popular browsers such as Firefox. The extension allows you to choose the best server for your location.

Another great feature of Hotspot Shield VPN is its desktop application. The interface is modern, minimalist, and clearly explains its features. However, users should be aware that it locks out the premium features for free users. However, it does let you check your connection and access basic settings. It also supports a variety of payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal.

Hotspot Shield VPN offers a privacy-friendly privacy policy. While it does not log your IP address or website visits, the company does keep some information. These include the duration of a session, bandwidth used, and domain accessed. This data is not shared with third parties and is only used to improve your experience.


Hotspot Shield offers a wide variety of security and privacy features. The client has a streamlined interface that makes these features easily accessible. For example, you can configure Hotspot Shield to activate automatically when you connect to an unknown or unsecured network. It also offers split tunneling for added security.

Hotspot Shield can also help you bypass ISPs’ censorship and monitoring measures. Because Hotspot Shield encrypts your traffic, it can be difficult for ISPs to monitor your activity. They can also limit your download speeds if they detect you using a high-bandwidth website. However, a Hotspot Shield VPN can hide your browsing history and prevent your ISP from collecting data about you.

However, Hotspot Shield’s privacy policy does have room for improvement. While the company states that no personal data is stored, some session data is stored. The privacy policy outlines how this data is used. Some of it is your IP address and approximate geographical location. The company says it uses encryption technology to keep these details confidential, but the company hasn’t undergone a security audit to prove it.

While Hotspot Shield provides user-friendly apps for the major platforms, setting them up manually is not necessary. Using a Hotspot Shield VPN is as simple as logging in and using the client. The desktop client features a dark panel with an on/off button, a data counter, and a sidebar for settings.

Hotspot Shield has made many improvements in the past few years. Although it has struggled with its logging policy, it has made improvements in the way it handles personal information. Additionally, Hotspot Shield is now owned by a new company called Aura, which merged with its former parent company Pango. Streaming services are now available on the service, and it works in China.


Hotspot Shield VPN is one of the fastest VPN services on the market. However, it lacks certain features, such as a proper zero-logging policy. It’s also a bit expensive. However, it may prove useful to newcomers and tech-savvy individuals.

Hotspot Shield uses 256-bit AES encryption, which is relatively unbreakable. In fact, a brute-force attack on AES-256 would take 14 billion years. However, downloads of copyrighted content are still illegal if you’re using a VPN. This is because internet protocols determine how data packets are dispatched over networks.

Hotspot Shield has three versions: free, premium, and paid. The free version only supports Windows and Android. The paid version is also available for macOS. It also offers a Chrome extension. There are several other features available, but they’re disabled by default. Hotspot Shield has a 24-hour customer support staff and a number of guides for different devices.

Hotspot Shield’s free version has some limitations, such as being limited to 500MB of data per day. Moreover, it’s only available on one connection and can only reach two Mbps. In addition, the free version has ads and collects usage logs. This isn’t ideal for those who want to protect their personal data.

Hotspot Shield VPN is also not the fastest VPN available. This is because it uses a proprietary protocol called Hydra. Some users don’t trust proprietary software, so it’s best to use an open-source VPN if you’re unsure of its security. Nonetheless, it offers plenty of security features that are industry-standard.

One of the best things about Hotspot Shield VPN is its great torrenting support and excellent server network. The app is also easy to use and includes split-tunneling. Other features include built-in speed tests and kill switches. It also offers a variety of support options. If you’re having trouble with the app, the help center can help you with setup and troubleshooting.

Money-back guarantee

Hotspot Shield VPN offers a money-back guarantee of a few days. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can simply cancel your subscription. You will not be charged for the service until the end of the subscription period, so you can cancel at any time.

Hotspot Shield also offers a free version. However, it has serious restrictions, such as being limited to 500MB per day. If you want unlimited data, you should purchase the premium version. You can also get discounts for long-term subscriptions. CyberGhost VPN, for example, offers big discounts for longer-term subscriptions.

If you’re still not satisfied with Hotspot Shield after the first month, you can request a full refund. The process is easy and takes just a few minutes. If you’re not satisfied with the service, we recommend that you try out an alternative VPN. ExpressVPN is another great choice because of its wide network and top-notch security measures. Another advantage is its 30-day money-back guarantee.

Hotspot Shield VPN’s browser extension is very similar to its desktop version, but has some added features for browsing. While it doesn’t come with a kill switch or IP leak protection, it does include a tracker blocker, malware blocker, and ad-blocker. The browser extension also has a list of servers. But the list is limited to the most important locations.

Another advantage of using a VPN is that it can help you unblock sites such as Netflix. While this might not be essential to you, it can give you more freedom. A VPN can help you unblock websites, which may not be available in your country. And, a VPN can also help you avoid government monitoring.

Server locations

Hotspot Shield VPN servers are located around the world, allowing you to access the internet freely from anywhere. They use encryption to protect DNS queries. The company states that DNS queries do not travel down the tunnel, so they cannot be censored by your ISP. This feature makes Hotspot Shield stand out from other VPMN services. In addition, the company refers to VPN servers as “virtual locations.” However, this term can mean two different things.

However, it is important to note that Hotspot Shield VPN server locations are not actually located in the countries that the company states they are. They are actually based in other countries, such as the USA and Asia Pacific. You can use the VPN service on both mobile and desktop devices. Hotspot Shield has a great Chrome browser extension, which makes using the VPN easy. It also has a great user interface, which is intuitive on all devices.

While Hotspot Shield has servers in four African countries, the company also has some in South America and China. Additionally, users can find servers in Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam. The number of servers is a big benefit, though users should know that more servers does not mean better service.

Another great feature of Hotspot Shield is its automatic server selection. It automatically selects the server location that is best for your needs. The company has more than 20 US city locations. In addition, it uses Hydra technology to automatically select the most appropriate server for you. The company’s free version has many restrictions, such as 500MB per day, one connection, and two Mbps. The free version also has ads and collects usage logs. While its free version does not have as many limitations as some other VPNs, it is not the most secure.

Hotspot Shield VPN is owned by Pango Inc., a Delaware-based company. It employs a distributed workforce in the US and Ukraine. Unlike many other VPN services, it does not advertise its offshore HQs. The company has yet to release third-party audits of its security measures. However, the company’s competitor TunnelBear has published annual audits for the past few years.


Can Hotspot Shield be trusted?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every individual’s experience and trust level will vary. However, from our experience, Hotspot Shield has always delivered on its promises. We have never had any issues with the application, and our users have consistently given it high ratings.

What is Hotspot Shield and do I need it?

Hotspot Shield is a security and privacy protocol that secures devices when connected to public Wi-Fi networks, such as airports, libraries, and coffee shops. Hotspot Shield allows for the use of the internet privately and anonymously, and protects against identity theft, fraud, and other online threats. Hotspot Shield is available for free for personal use. Businesses and organizations may purchase a subscription to use Hotspot Shield along with other features.

Is Hotspot Shield good for gaming?

Yes, Hotspot Shield is good for gaming. It helps to reduce lag and speeds up gameplay.

Is Hotspot Shield good for PC?

Yes, Hotspot Shield is an excellent way to protect your computer and online privacy. It helps prevent hackers and other third-party access to your device and protects your data from being intercepted. Hotspot Shield also provides a secure and encrypted connection to the internet, making it perfect for using while travelling.

Does Hotspot Shield slow down internet?

Because Hotspot Shield encrypts all your traffic, it can slow down your internet if your provider is not compatible with Hotspot Shield.

Does Hotspot Shield increase Internet speed?

Yes. Hotspot Shield uses a variety of tricks to boost your signal and make browsing more reliable.

Is a hotspot strong enough for Netflix?

Netflix has released a list of the top 50 countries in the world where it is available. Netflix is available in over 190 countries and regions. However, some areas are more reliable for streaming content than others. According to Netflix, hotspots in the top 50 countries tend to be more reliable for streaming content than hotspots in other areas.

Is Hotspot Shield unlimited data?

No, Hotspot Shield is not unlimited data. Hotspot Shield offers 500MB of data per month, after which no additional data is provided.

Do u have to pay for Hotspot Shield?

No, Hotspot Shield is a free service.

Is Hotspot Shield free forever?

No, Hotspot Shield is not free. It is a subscription-based service.

Does Hotspot Shield cost money?

There is no cost to use Hotspot Shield.

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