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Among Us 2022 – New Features and Bug Fixes

Among Us 2022 is getting an update that adds new features and fixes over 100 bugs. The new update adds Streamer Mode, which replaces room codes with “Click to copy.” Streamer Mode is toggled on or off in the General Settings. Among Us 2022 also introduces new Ghostface cosmetics inspired by the popular horror movie franchise.

Among Us
Among Us

The game includes different modes, including zombies. You can control the zombies, police them, or use zombies. You can also become a demogorgon and collect LEGO pieces. You can use these pieces to make your character appear more human. Once you’ve mastered the game, you can upgrade your character and unlock new weapons.

The game is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Android. It’s also available for Windows and Nintendo Switch. Among US 2022 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. It’s also available for mobile devices like Android and iOS. The game’s multiplayer component can also be played on PS4 and Xbox One. This game has gained immense popularity on Twitch.

The next update for Among Us will add social circles and skins to the game. Among Us is also set to get a 1-shot manga feature in April 2022. Players will also have the option to change their map in the lobby. Innersloth’s roadmap also includes other features that make the game more enjoyable to play.

The game’s roadmap for Among US 2022 shows what features will be added. In addition to the friends list, the game will be getting more quality of life updates. Those features will also include new ways to spend Stars. In addition, a new hide-and-seek game mode will be added.

New roles have also been introduced for Among Us 2022. Players can now be Scientists, Engineers, or Guardian Angels. Some of these roles have new skills, too. The Guardian Angel role can protect your Crewmates with a shield and the Scientist role can view the vitals of your Crewmates. Another new role for Impostors is the Shapeshifter, allowing players to become another Crewmate without being seen.

There are even more updates coming for Among US in 2022. The studio Innersloth has released an updated roadmap for the game and it tells fans what to expect in 2022. The first major update released in November 2021 added Cosmicubes and 15 player support, along with new roles such as the Shapeshifter.

Players can also contact their Crewmates through the new Friend List feature. Players can also use this feature to report the body of a deceased crewmate. The new Among Us update is available to all Switch players. It will include the following new features: [i]Friend Lists, Cosmicube redemption, chat choice, and quality of life updates

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