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Vivacut Review

Vivacut is a video editing application that lets you make eye-catching videos. You can use a number of fonts to create your videos, and you can even use the video adjustment tool to adjust the brightness, saturation, and quality of your videos. It supports high-resolution videos. It is available for Windows and Mac OS X, and has an intuitive interface.

VivaCut Video Editing App

Vivacut is a video editing application

Vivacut is an application for creating videos with the help of the computer. It offers users a number of video editing features, such as the ability to edit and combine pictures. This application also supports the use of FX Plugins to add special effects to videos. Moreover, it also allows users to export videos in high-quality resolutions. This feature gives the videos a professional look and feel.

Using the Vivacut application, you can add special effects to specific parts of a video. Its multi-layer timeline, green screen, and chroma-key features can help you create great looking videos. You can even overlay two videos or pictures for an edgy and unique look. The software also offers ten different blending modes. Users can adjust brightness, saturation, and video quality to achieve the effect they want.

It allows you to create videos with eye-catching effects

Vivacut is a powerful video editing software that allows you to create videos with eye-catching, creative effects. The VFX (Visual Effects) feature lets you insert and edit frames and invert colors to give your videos more life. It also gives you the option of replacing a frame with another one. Vivacut comes with a handful of pre-designed VFX effects that you can apply to your videos.

The VivaCut video editing program is easy to use and has a variety of tools to help you create the perfect YouTube video. The software allows you to add pictures to clips, edit them using different filters, and apply double exposures. It even includes a music library. It also allows you to cut, reverse, and blend videos.

It supports high-resolution videos

Vivacut is an easy-to-use, powerful video editing software. It supports high-resolution videos and allows you to add multiple layers to your video. You can also add effects like green screen and chroma key to your videos. Moreover, you can export videos in customized resolutions and high-quality formats, which will give your videos a professional look.

It also features a powerful video editing feature, which allows you to cut, merge, crop, and filter individual parts of the video. This allows you to improve the quality of your videos, and share them with other people. It can also create animated GIFs.

It has a masking tool

Vivacut has a masking tool that allows you to remove unwanted parts of a video. It also comes with a masking handle for fine-tuning the amount of feathering. Using it, you can make your videos look more professional or fun. It also works well for travel videos or parties. It is easy to use and offers many useful features. You can also make your videos look more creative with the glitch effect.

With the masking tool, you can use multiple shapes to mask specific parts of a video. This allows you to make complex graphics and animations using a simple process. You can also use the masking tool to overlay two videos or pictures and apply effects to them. The masking tool comes with more than ten blending modes and can be used for a variety of effects.

It supports animated QR codes

Using a video editor such as Vivacut, you can easily create animated QR codes. It also supports recording voice over videos. There are two versions of the app – the free one and the Pro one. The free version comes with all the basic features, while the Pro version has all the premium features.

Viva Cut - Pro Video Editor
Rating4.9 star
Size59 MB

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